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2013 Santa Fe Concorso Awards

Best in Class - Pre-War American Open Through 1925

1911 Hupmobile Two-Seat Runabout, Berry Allen of Santa Fe, NM

Image courtesy of Tony Bonanno Photography. Visit Tony's link for over 400 photos of 2013 Concorso events.

This Hupmobile Model 20 was delivered to Hubbard, Texas, in 1911 to the current owner’s great-grandfather, Walter E. Berry, for a sum of $750. The car was then passed to his son, Joe Berry. The current owner acquired the car in Dallas, Texas, in 1972. The engine is a water-cooled, 4-cylinder design, rated at 20 hp, coupled to a 2-speed transmission. Use of a sliding-gear transmission and high-tension magneto were unusual for a car targeted toward the lower-price class, which commonly used a planetary gearset and a dry-cell ignition. The car rides on an 86-in. wheelbase. Hupmobile built 6,079 cars in 1911 and continued production until 1941. This Hupmobile has been restored three times, the most recent being a ground-up restoration.

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