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2013 Santa Fe Concorso Awards

Best in Class - Luxury & Exotic

1995 Porsche 993 GT2 Strasse, James Edwards of Show Low, AZ

Image courtesy of Tony Bonanno Photography. Visit Tony's link for over 400 photos of 2013 Concorso events.

The 993 GT2 Strasse (Street) was and still is one of the most coveted 911 Porsche specialty cars ever built. This car, one of 173, has a 3.6-liter, 430-hp, flat, 6-cylinder engine. The suspension, which is fully adjustable to track or driver preferences, and the brakes are based on the racing 993 GT2 specifications. The chassis and subframe was stiffened and a weight-saving aluminum hood and doors were utilized. Bolt-on plastic flares were adopted to house the bigger Speedline “Supercup Design,” three-piece magnesium wheels. Additional front and rear spoilers were added for maximum down force. This 993 GT2, which was imported from Japan in mid-2013 under a special federal “Show & Display” exemption, is one of only three GT2s in the U.S.

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