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2013 Santa Fe Concorso Awards

Denise McCluggage Award

1907 Renault AI 35-45 Vanderbilt Racing Roadster, Alan Travis of Phoenix, AZ

Image courtesy of Tony Bonanno Photography. Visit Tony's link for over 400 photos of 2013 Concorso events.

W.K. Vanderbilt ordered this car after seeing a similar model win at Le Mans in 1906. This car is 99% original and was certified as authentic in the 1950s, while owned for 50 years by John Capperton. The car has been in operating condition since new and finished many Glidden Tours in the 1940s and 1950s. This Renault finished in the top 10 in the 2012 Great Race covering 2,350 miles, received special honors for pre-war cars at the 2012 Monterrey Motorsports Reunion, and is the oldest car in the world to hold a current logbook. The car features a 4-speed transmission and a 2:1 final-drive ratio. This Renault model cost was $15,000 new and the chassis was sent to the coachbuilder Brewster in 1907 for installation of fenders and a trunk.

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